Sacred Brisbane…

Listen. Look. Read.

Sacred Brisbane (1 of 8)
Brisbane has such sacred sites.

Sacred Brisbane (2 of 8)

They can come to life during the night.

Sacred Brisbane (3 of 8)

If you wander far, you just might see.

Sacred Brisbane (4 of 8)

The places that fill one with glee.

Sacred Brisbane (5 of 8)

So get ye out, from behind that screen.

Sacred Brisbane (6 of 8)

Snoop about, find a place like dreams.

Sacred Brisbane (7 of 8)

That holds you in a gazing thrall.

Sacred Brisbane (8 of 8)

Can you not hear it? Their lonely call?


8 thoughts on “Sacred Brisbane…

  1. Nice! I like the wee man with the red head. And that first pic is awesome! I wish I could parkour and skateboard and do cool things so I could go there and hang out and not look like a total dork who got lost on the way to the library.

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