People used to live here? Still do.

Apologies for the delay in a new post, I’ve been horridly busy of late. However I do have a neat little back log of photos that I’ll be sharing today with more to come soon.

After leaving a rather long and boring drain (no photos sorry), a few weeks ago, my companion and I were on our way to a site that we’ve known of for a while (I’ll display it next time), when we spotted this series of broken up and abandoned apartment buildings. Being opportunistic sorts (and knowing how ethereal abandonments are in ‘Booming Brisbane’) we decided to venture on in, we were justly rewarded for our sense of adventure.

Goin Out in tha Valley (2 of 8)

Goin Out in tha Valley (3 of 8)

There were about five buildings in total and each had it’s own character and ‘features’. It was amazing to be in this little broken down place in the middle of towering, modern buildings.

Goin Out in tha Valley (1 of 8)

Goin Out in tha Valley (5 of 8)

Each one had a ground floor and an upper floor, though not all of them stairs. The ground floor sections were very dark and the fear of stumbling over a junkie or their accoutrements was a bit alarming. We couldn’t use torches as there were road works going on outside that were being observed by two very bored looking police officers, we were not charitable enough to alleviate their boredom. We didn’t have any trips or tumbles and all was good, though we did find a disgusting soiled mattress covered with soda bulbs… hardly a classy choice of recreational drug.

Goin Out in tha Valley (6 of 8)

Goin Out in tha Valley (4 of 8)

Goin Out in tha Valley (7 of 8)

All in all, it was a beautiful place, and the play of the lights from the world of the living outside made for some really interesting shots. I love being in places like this, they are very calming, stimulating and fascinating. Its always an interesting thought exercise to invent your own stories about the people who lived or worked here and where they are now.

Goin Out in tha Valley (8 of 8)

I must say, the buildings were darling from outside too.


7 thoughts on “People used to live here? Still do.

  1. Who the hell would huff soda bulbs when you could use them to demolish letterboxes :( such a goddamn waste.

    Awesome pics though, looks like beirut phased over brisbane.

  2. As always, lovely pics. I especially love the first, fourth, and final photos.

    But where is the soundtrack to this adventure?? Make with the goods, bro.

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