They’re all gone…

They’re all gone, the occupants of these modest residences.

I explored this wonderful place with some gentlemen that share my hobby adventuring through old, broken places. Kudos to Nuggs for showing us this awesome abandonment.

We entered via this underpass, which was pretty cool in its own right and made for a decent photo!

A hop, skip, run along a giant pipe and several jumps later – we were in a new wonderland of decrepitude.

There were probably around 100 abandoned caravans in here. Ranging from old to new, small to large and anything in between. One feature they all shared though, was their run down state. Each one was in a various stage of dilapidation, with most surfaces, inside and out, being covered in mud. Obviously this park was the quarry of the almost-recent Brissie floods and never managed to bounce back.

The inside of the caravans were interesting too. There were lots of sad chunks of peoples lives left forever discarded. Too ruined by the anger of the Brisbane river to offer up any use to anyone. The creepiest caravan had, what was once, a little girls bedroom. There were old mouldy dolls amongst the floor litter and a wee pink jacket that only a little person could fit into. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was a tragic moment in this person’s life and pondered where she might be now.



The coolest thing I saw by far, was this gnarly old bus! It looked like it had just driven out of the 1950’s and broken down on the set of this decaying stage.

When we left the park it was a weird feeling. This was a place where scores of people lived not long ago whom all had their lives dramatically changed in a single moment. All that’s left behind are a few empty shells and relics, discarded and left for no one to care of but we explorer folk.


4 thoughts on “They’re all gone…

  1. Very eerie… Reminds me of the fellow we met in Tassie who lived in a sweet bus (hopefully he still is doing so and it’s not in a similar state).

  2. Where do you find all these lonely, abandoned places? What draws you to them? How sad that so many sites, once awash with life, lie wasted and discarded like last week’s news. As you say, it would be interesting to have a window to their history – but then one can imagine . . .

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