I’ve been feeling a bit drained.

This is was hands down, one of the most interesting and wonderful places I’ve ever been.

Getting in was a bit of a bugger. We had to descend this big wall, which was slippery and led to a death-inducing drop off the side. We took it slowly and easy and got down safe and happy. Our reward was well worth the trial of entry. This is an amazing storm drain that’s mostly formed from original brick and had features such as an amazing inverted tear drop shape and an obituary from the 1930’s carved into a very old concrete slab. I wonder if this eulogy is from the tunnels construction and perhaps these gentlemen died for our drains?

This was a fantastic place for photography. We carried a whole swag of lights (never a bad idea when underground) and used them for some nice effects and shadows. I’m in the little “hole” on the right and that’s old mate Rizza standing on the left.

These shots don’t much show just how dark it is in here. You can’t see anything at all when the lights are off. I think this shot explains the concept of the oppressive, surrounding darkness pretty well.

We were lucky enough to have a ultra wide angle lens for this trip. I think you’ll agree that it makes a world of difference.

At the end of our explore, we were greeted by a cheery,chamber that was naturally well lit by a run off up the top. There’s a hellish creepy doll hanging from the roof in here, I’d love to know how someone got that up there. I imagine they tramped through the slime with a ladder in tow, now that’s true dedication to art.

After enjoying our brief foray with natural light, we decided that the exit here was not viable. Getting covered in swamp mud from head to toe sounds way more fun than I’m sure it actually is. So we decided to tramp back to the entrance and scale the effin’ wall that led us in. After some grunting, bruises and a moderate smattering of grazes we were back out in the clean air with the rest of civilization. How drab.


12 thoughts on “I’ve been feeling a bit drained.

  1. I must admit that I’m skeptical that one of the most interesting and wonderful places you’ve been is… a drain. :) But cool photos! I hope you check the weather forecasts before you descend into such places.

  2. I do agree that the entrance to this drain has made me think twice of going down there on a few occasions, still trying to find someone to go down with me before i’m crazy enough to try it. Nice photos by the way.

  3. Nice one! I did a drain in Brisbane not long ago, called Check Mate. I hate spiders, and that drain was packed with em! I was poopin my pants for the first 100Ms which was all they really occupied, after that it was fine but was sucked was the size of them. They were big compared to the ones you mainly get down here.

  4. Although I am quite fascinated with these underground explores, I could never crawl into the darkness! I shall stick to exploring above ground! Thanks so much for sharing this! Photo #5 is my favorite! Awesome job :)

  5. You need to be majorly careful in there I work above the chamber room. We flush points and drain at the spillway when it opens it floods the whole drain out I would be careful as.

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