My Story…

I got to see a Brisbane feature landmark last night from a perspective that most others wouldn’t. I’m not usually into such common place things, but wait, there’s an abandonment at the bottom you say? I’m in.

There were also some amazing and unique city views from my little perch. I’m enthralled by how electrified and hostile the city looks in long exposures, it is post-apocalyptic in its own way too – the ultra rich in their shiny bastions look out over the wasteland and ‘low-born’ scum below (I heart Phillip K. Dick).

As has been the case lately, no mission would be complete without some decaying, rusty reminder of places people used to regularly frequent, but now do not. Although, very unlike most other dens I’ve visited of late this place had a really cosy and warm feeling to it. Maybe it was the huge ambient orange light… or maybe I accidentally got exposed to some fumes. Regardless, I was very much at peace here and spent long moments just lying on old wooded docks, watching boats lazily drift by while the city noisily and hurriedly went about it’s evening business.



8 thoughts on “My Story…

  1. haha the wee poles with the hats. yes that is a very cool mystery picture. all of them are amazing! thanks glenn. these little installments are a treat.

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