Old school – Part two

We finally caught sight of something that I’d been hoping to find all day.

It was a photo of this building that (props to Abandoned Brisbane) got me really excited about visiting this place. I’m pretty sure the art on the pylon is from when the school was operational and not graffiti. So we entered this huge building, which unlike the others we’d been in, had highly diverse and variegated rooms.

Plugs, plugs, plugs. Not sure what these powered – but I’m gonna guess, based on the kiln’s out the door, they powered pottery wheels. Regardless, the muted oranges in this room were amazing, made more so by the killer piece painted on the back wall.

I’m not sure why, but I have a thing for creepy stairwells. They make for such amazing photography, especially if they are covered in graf or happen to be next to creepy, locked and grated doorways. The last stairwell picture is a tribute to the first Giles Corey album, which if you haven’t heard, you really should go listen to. Like right now.

There were many more rooms and dark, highly contrasted hallways. The carpet in this room looked amazing, the photo doesn’t quite give it justice. Kinda like a sea of mushroom induced, puke carpet, it was all brilliant purples and greens in a bumpy, textured mess. Love it.

Also a rather disconcerting thing about this place was the wind. If you remember that day a few weeks back when the wind was around a bajillion knots? That’s when we were in here. There were glass bottles rolling past doorways, stuff blowing everywhere, haunted creaks and supersonic BANGS like you wouldn’t believe. At one point my fellow explorer got shut into a room that was locked from the inside when the wind slammed it shut with a crash that I’m sure they heard in Tokyo. A fresh pair of underpants later, I decided it was probably a good idea to let him out.

We found a mascot of sorts in this lecture hall. He was kinda cute, but mostly grubby (that band aid makes me wanna puke a little). Again I’m amazed when we come across stuff like this and that throughout the smashed up latrines, windows and hallways there are still artefacts that people leave intact for other explorers. Side note – we left our tripods in the car to be more mobile. This was stupid. I’m sorry if some shots are a little blurry etc. they are all hand held and I tried my best.

School of esoterism? I feel like the secrets of the universe might be trapped in this, but the science is too abstract for me to puzzle out.

…and we were back outside. That building was certainly a highlight of the mission to me – a few hundred metres and the ninja dodging of a maintenance dude on a tractor later – we found a bunch of new buildings.

Including this one, that I’d like to dub the Fallout 3 room. It was like the IT lab from a bad 60’s sci-fi movie. It even had an old computer in here that was like a fish bowl in it’s CRT goodness. 5 1/4-inch floppy disk’s anyone?

The rest of the place was kitted out like a primary school, but with lots of art stuff. These buildings were kinda hard to get into (comparatively – no wide open doors blowing in the wind) and not too exciting as they were fairly new and not water damaged, hah. However, we amazingly found the remote shutter control for my camera in one of these rooms, which I’d happened to drop unknowingly a few nights earlier when we scoped the place out. We walked into the room where I thought I may have dropped it and both burst into laughter. For some reason that little control lying on the floor in this big, dirty ol’ place was highly amusing.

After that we got kinda trapped as the only exit (a broken window) had old mate and his tractor kinda parked outside. As we’d been here for many hours and were tired, thirsty and ‘over it’. We decided to piss bolt for the other side of the school back to the exit. I honestly felt like a little kid again…


3 thoughts on “Old school – Part two

  1. Awesome shots man. Keep pursuing the abandoned locations… just don’t get busted for trespassing. Getting locked up and anally raped in prison is not worth it. If you’re lucky you could get away with just a fine. But it could be anal rape.

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